Wynwood is Destined to Become the Startup Epicenter of Miami

Jeffrey Fermin
5 min readJul 13, 2020

In case you are not familiar with the three rules of real estate they go as follows: location, location, location.

While property value may seem a bit arbitrary, it’s pretty black and white; it depends on aesthetics, economic outlook, access to local businesses, and, of course, the people.

If you have been operating out of South Florida, or plan on getting an office down here. You will find that several of Miami’s real estate blogs claim that Wynwood is (quickly) becoming the premier business hub in South Florida.

With easy access to Downtown, Brickell, the Design District, and South Beach, it has become an ideal place to conduct business and enjoy yourself after work hours.

The Backstory of Wynwood — How It Became the Epicenter of Art & Innovation for the City of Miami

Had you visited Wynwood about 20 years ago, you would’ve never imagined it being a global destination, or a 50+ block open-air museum featuring the work of Shepard Fairley, Kobra, and other legendary street artists.

Instead, you would’ve found an industrial warehouse district with small galleries, right next to several working-class communities.



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