Work-Related Stress Affects Our Mental Health

Get out of your head by Defaced

1. Workplace Attendance

Did you know that over 1 million people miss work every day due to stress at work?

2. Loss Of Productivity

There are financial losses when it comes to productivity as $1,685 is lost per employee, which equals to about $225.8 Billion.

3. Increased Workload

62 percent of workers have reported that their workload has increased over the past 6 months, and it has caused them to put off their vacation time.

4. Working Late Night

70 Percent of employees say they have to work overtime to stay ahead, yet only 62 percent of employers agree with that.

5. Short Staffed?

More than 80% of employees feel as if companies are expecting too much work out of a small group of people.

6. No “Me” Time

The average workweek has increased since the 1970s, but leisure time has decreased to 37 percent.

7. Not Treating The Problem

The indirect costs of untreated mental health disorders result in a $79 Billion annual loss to businesses due to loss of productivity and absenteeism.

8. Depression Is Causing A Lot Of Absences

Depression results in more days of disability leave than chronic health diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes.

9. The Need For Healthier Lifestyles

4 out of 5 employees believe that their employers should encourage healthier lifestyles.

10. Plain and Simple: Work is Stressful

69 percent of employees say that their main cause of stress is work, 41 percent say they feel tense/stressed out throughout the day.

11. Lack Of Production Caused By Stress

51 Percent of employees claim to be less productive at work as a result of stress and anxiety at work.

12. No Money, More Problems

24 percent of employees work six or more hours a week without getting paid for it. 47% of management does the same.

13. Way More Than 40 Hours a Week

So, in order to be a full-time employee you have to work a minimum of 40 hours a week.

14. Family Matters

1/3 of working mothers would take a pay cut to spend more time with their children. 1/4 of the workforce has missed a significant family event due to work.

15. Work Is Causing Issues At Home

Research is showing that there’s a negative work to family conflict and organizational commitment. I’m sure we’ve all had to choose between work and a personal problem. Chances are, you’ve picked to take care of work.

16. Stress At Work Is Costing A Lot of Money

The cost of chronic diseases makes up more than 75 percent of the $2 Trillion health care costs in the United States.

17. Don’t Promote Employee Health

52 Percent of employees say that their company doesn’t do enough to promote employee health.

18. Poor Mental Health Is Costing Companies Billions

Mood disorders are set to cost more than $50 Billion in lost productivity and result in $321 Million in lost workdays.

19. Positive Results For Having Happy Employees

Companies with the most effective health and productivity initiatives achieve:

  • 11% more revenue per employee
  • 28% higher shareholder returns
  • Lower medical trends
  • Fewer absences per employee

What Do You Think Of Anxiety and Stress At Work?

Is your office creating a stress-free environment? How are they doing it? Do you have any tips to create a low-stress, high productivity workplace?



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