Psychology Of Colors In A Workplace

Jeffrey Fermin
3 min readJul 26, 2019

How the colors around our office influence our thoughts, behaviors, and satisfaction

Picture this: you go to work every day, and you have one cubicle, you have one kitchen area, and you have one bathroom area. All of them are gray. You decorate your cubicle with pictures, maybe some decorations here and there — but still can’t escape from the blandness out of your current office.

Whether you want to believe it or not, this is the natural reaction from your brain due to the colors that you face in your workplace every day.

The Effects Of Color On The Mind

One of the more exciting studies for online marketers is Buffer’s study on how colors affect how users interact with a website.

It explains “ why Facebook is blue “ and why particular sites opt to choose specific colors in designing their website. If you have the ability (and resources) to create a fresh atmosphere to match your company’s vibe, pick the colors that are likely to boost productivity employees.

Companies with resources like Google have the ability to A/B test what colors make different departments or employees more productive. So they’ll regularly repaint a room within a department to see how it affects someone’s mood, which I’ll get into a little bit later.

Unfortunately, not all businesses have those kinds of resources so stick to the basics.

Keep a calm atmosphere by having a gentle light blue room for your creatives, maybe have a couple of green or red rooms for meetings, or business people, study the effect of colors. Right after, try getting some feedback through surveys to see if it’ll affect the employees at all.

The Effects Of Color On Your Mood

There are different studies on the type of colors or patterns to avoid when designing a workplace, and it’s all for good reason; it can easily affect your mood.

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