How to talk with your team during an economic downturn

Establish clear communication channels

Paint a realistic picture in times of uncertainty

Create a space for transparency.

Empower staff to help each other through difficult times

Different types of resources staff can provide

Using employee feedback management platforms for consistent check-ins

Questions managers can ask to check-in during an economic downturn

  • What challenges or concerns do you have about the current state of the company?
  • What can management do to help you feel more secure in your role?
  • What concerns do you have about the recession and its impact on your job or department?
  • What can we do to help you feel more supported during this time?
  • Is there anything you’re struggling with that you need help with?
  • Do you have any suggestions for how we can improve communication or morale during this time?

Questions that employees might have for you during a recession

  • What is the company’s plan for weathering the storm?
  • What changes can we expect to see in the coming months?
  • Will there be any layoffs or furloughs?
  • What impact will the recession have on my job or department?
  • Is there anything I can do to help the company during this time?

Consistent check-ins will be crucial to weathering the storm

Even during tough times, keep an open-door policy.

Strengthen culture during tough times.



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Jeffrey Fermin

Jeffrey Fermin

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